Resident Evil Seamless HD Project

RESHDP Team - 2018-2019 - PC (via Dolphin)

Official site RE3SHDP Discord

RESHDP is a set of HD texture packs for the classic Resident Evil games using Machine-learning techniques and made by a team of 4 persons. These packs are notable for avoiding the seams which appear on the backgrounds when the textures are being filtered.

As a programmer, I developed the custom techniques to solve the seam issue and the tools used to recreate properly the game textures from the HD backgrounds. I also had to modify Dolphin, an excellent Gamecube emulator coded in C++, to ensure the best experience possible.

While the RE2 pack was noted by the RE community, the RE3 one got a massive amount of attention from content creators and the gaming press. I even got interviewed by Kotaku about it. Surreal... RE2 Remake's success and its inevitable follow-up were certainly to be thanked for all that attention.

River City Girls - UserXpMod

Myself - 2019-2020 - PC

A mod for the PC version of WayForward's River City Girls. It included keyboard rebinding, improved UI elements, new gameplay features and much more! The mod can be entirely customized to adapt to the user's needs.

The mod was made possible by decompiling the game's source code using ILSpy. The process was made much simpler by the fact the game is using the Unity game engine. Thus it was fairly easy for me to understand the code and find a way to implement new features. I learned a lot by diving into that game's code.

Lunacid - Quality of Life Mod

Myself - 2023 - PC

Mod thread Video Steam page

No game is perfect. Not even Lunacid which is an amazing first person dungeon crawler that greatly recaptured the experience of the King's Field series. I had a blast playing through the early access but I also had few gripes with it. Mainly how it handled death in a very classic way: Reverting your progress back to your last save.

Using ILSpy and my knowledge of the Unity engine, I modded in a way more lenient death mechanic that doens't force the player to repeat previously made actions and steps. Starting from there I added more and more features to accomodate my own and other people needs.

It's also the first I got paid to add a feature to a mod. I never expected that to happen since I make these mods to learn how other people makes their games. And also for fun of course. 😅