Might & Magic: Duel of Champions

Ubisoft Quebec - 2012-2014 - PS3, X360, PC, iOS

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Might and Magic: Duel of Champions is CCG set in the Might and Magic universe developed by Ubisoft Quebec.

It used an original game system that put the focus on heroes, creature positioning and random events. Heroes have unique abilities and their stats can be improved during a match. The card illustrations blew my mind at the time and still hold up today.

As a Line designer working from Ubisoft HQ, I mostly supported the core team on various design aspects. I later joined Ubisoft Chengdu and worked on the Chinese version of the game as a Game Designer. One of my favorite projects at Ubisoft.

Wheel of Fortune

Ubisoft Chengdu - 2017 - PS4, XOne, Switch

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Wheel of Fortune is an adaptation of the famous TV show.

As the most senior game designer on the project, my main role was to formulate the game direction and its core pillars. This was the team's first Unity project so I was able to put my experience with it to good use by prototyping some features and the UI flow.

It was a great experience for me and the production went notably well (in contrast to some previous projects) considering our time and budget constraints.

Rabbids Crazy Rush

Ubisoft Chengdu - 2015-2016 - iOS

Rabbids Crazy Rush is your typical mobile 3d runner game from the 2010s but benefits from the unique Rabbids universe.

This project was my first opportunity to be in charge of the game direction on a project. I had the responsibility to set the project objectives in term of the player experience. This goes with writing the design documentation and make sure they are properly communicated to the team. I was eventually joined by a junior Game designer that I mentored through the entire development process.

Rabbids Crazy Rush started as an opportunity to piggyback on a previous runner game made by Ubisoft Chengdu. What was supposed to be a short reskin turned out to be a long and difficult endeavor. Despite the many challenges and hardship, it was an insightful experience. The fact the game has been shipped is still an achievement that the team can be proud of.