Iron Corbo is a cheeky, action adventure where you play as a janitor using his mastery of Kung-fu to sweep, sanitize and smash monsters made of loitered objects.

I developed the shape-based inventory system designed by the sole developer of the game. While it is only one part of the game, its systems and mechanics are original enough to be a bulky task by itself. I'm particulary proud of the editor tools I developed for it.

It was my first paid contract as a freelancer and it allowed to test my own collaboration pipeline. I'm now still using the same set of documents and tools to manage all my freelancing contracts.

{% assign boardShapeEditor_url = "/img/projects/cb/cb-BoardShapeEditor.webm" | relative_url %} {% include modal.html id="cb_boardShapeEditor" src=boardShapeEditor_url isVideo=true %} {% assign itemShapeEditor_url = "/img/projects/cb/cb-ItemShapeEditor-CopyPaste.gif" | relative_url %} {% include modal.html id="cb_itemShapeEditor" src=itemShapeEditor_url %}